hippocanis n. (pl. hippocanises) – A kind of docile dog-horse. According to popular myth, it is said to have been created by the demon Akal’naza’, the Mischief-Maker, so that he could win a bet by correctly answering an impossible riddle while sojourning once in human form. The riddle, posed by Brombak the Unfair, was “What animal is as large as a horse, as quiet as a rabbit, and can track the smell of prey as well as a bloodhound?” Of course no such animal existed. Akal’naza’ requested a day and a night to ponder the riddle, during which time he used magic to create the hippocanis. Producing a whole herd of the creature for Brombak’s astonished perusal the following morning, he won the bet and was grudgingly given safe passage off the Isle of Neverleave, traditionally the only person to have ever done so. The animal became popular amongst human hunters for its unique attributes. Despite its size, it is a remarkably quiet beast, which makes it ideal for sneaking up on prey.



Rice was invented in 4E-17x, the Year of the Noneger, by the late scientographer Maxillimus Magoo, whose prowess with a replicator exonat pen was unmatched in the fourteen megaspheres of Earth-Like for the duration of his life-term. In its undyed form, rice appears as small pink globules of mucus suspended in a medium of bile. It is so named because of its resemblance to Pre-Androidian descriptions of an ancient granular food supplement of the same name. Some psioresearch gacks believe that Magoo’s invention does not so much resemble Pre-Androidian rice as it does another, more obscure, dish known as “grits”. Only two known surviving docuchips from the Meta-Moronic Era bear any mention of grits, and some scholhardassians doubt the dish’s existence at all.

Rice is used in situations where it is desirable to have an inedible substance that vaguely resembles food, but not so much that anyone will make the mistake of trying to eat it. It is a popular dish for android office parties, because it is cheap to buy and available in many different colours.