Cenobar Trinordis (Part 3)

I come out of the desert with a new list of questions. I feel cheated somehow, as though the old list has not really been answered, but has rather been faded out of currency, or made obsolete. There is no major religion on Trinordis; that is obvious. The questions now revolve around the whys and wherefores…how did this peculiar society begin, and how can it even exist in the first place? Continue reading Cenobar Trinordis (Part 3)


Cenobar Trinordis (Part 2)

We have been silently sharing strips of jerky and dried fruit, sleeping under the double-band of the Usquan Nebula in a black sky filled with stars. I feel that Qualamo and I have developed a sort of kinship, reluctant on my part, but passive and entirely natural on his. On the third day, I attempt to speak to him. It seems the polite thing to do. Continue reading Cenobar Trinordis (Part 2)