Killer Trip

The phone rings unheeded, while across the room Diern lolls his head, eyes closed, tripping out to Miles Davis radiating from a pair of speakers. A stranger creeps in silently through the open balcony. He stares at Diern for several minutes. The stranger’s face contorts slightly, almost as though groping for the memory of facial expressions, filled with a strange psychopathic fondness for his prey. Diern’s body writhes in tandem with the hesitant tremors of the stranger’s face, the former seeming to be a magnified, more complete expression of the latter. Continue reading Killer Trip


Cenobar Trinordis (Part 3)

I come out of the desert with a new list of questions. I feel cheated somehow, as though the old list has not really been answered, but has rather been faded out of currency, or made obsolete. There is no major religion on Trinordis; that is obvious. The questions now revolve around the whys and wherefores…how did this peculiar society begin, and how can it even exist in the first place? Continue reading Cenobar Trinordis (Part 3)

Cenobar Trinordis (Part 2)

We have been silently sharing strips of jerky and dried fruit, sleeping under the double-band of the Usquan Nebula in a black sky filled with stars. I feel that Qualamo and I have developed a sort of kinship, reluctant on my part, but passive and entirely natural on his. On the third day, I attempt to speak to him. It seems the polite thing to do. Continue reading Cenobar Trinordis (Part 2)


Rice was invented in 4E-17x, the Year of the Noneger, by the late scientographer Maxillimus Magoo, whose prowess with a replicator exonat pen was unmatched in the fourteen megaspheres of Earth-Like for the duration of his life-term. In its undyed form, rice appears as small pink globules of mucus suspended in a medium of bile. It is so named because of its resemblance to Pre-Androidian descriptions of an ancient granular food supplement of the same name. Some psioresearch gacks believe that Magoo’s invention does not so much resemble Pre-Androidian rice as it does another, more obscure, dish known as “grits”. Only two known surviving docuchips from the Meta-Moronic Era bear any mention of grits, and some scholhardassians doubt the dish’s existence at all.

Rice is used in situations where it is desirable to have an inedible substance that vaguely resembles food, but not so much that anyone will make the mistake of trying to eat it. It is a popular dish for android office parties, because it is cheap to buy and available in many different colours.

Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath: How Music and the Curse

This manuscript was found attached with scotch tape to a bloated body that washed up from the river wearing a pair of headphones connected to an mp3 player in a waterproof bag that played Tim Hecker’s “Ravedeath 1972” on continuous repeat. Upon removal of the manuscript, the body disintegrated into small crystalline shards that blew away on the wind of regret. It was written on foolscap with a ballpoint pen. Continue reading Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath: How Music and the Curse